Support & Maintenance - going the extra mile


Regular Updates

We spend our time ensuring your website is updated. Keeping it running at full capactiy.


The website is yours, so you're free to manage it yourself. Or if you wish, we manage it on your behalf.


Websites need constant updates and those sometimes bring bugs. We handle the bugs for you.

Informed & Supportive

Opt in for information through email or get in touch using the support system we have in place.

What We Offer

We're here to help - Charged monthly or anually the choice is yours. Prices vary according to website size and discounts are available.


  • Fast access to info & support
  • Frequent updates and bug fixes
  • Priority support
  • 2 Free months
  • Content management

A Dive Into Our Support & Maintenance

Providing you with the information so you can make your own choices.

Support & Maintenance

Basic support and information is available through our general enquiries email on our Contact Us page. This service is aimed at customers who wish for us to go that extra step. This service includes any frequent updates and bug fixes needed to keep your website running smoothly. Any information you want or we may find relevant, can be supplied to you on request. We also offer to manage the website entirely but this is dependant on the size of the content that needs management. 
Is this service an absolute necessity? The short answer, no. But it’s extremely recommended, this service allows us to spend time every month keeping your website working properly and to it’s full potential. After all one little update has the potential to break an entire website.
If you don’t take out this plan we will still offer our information service for general enquiries which is accessible through our contact us page. Beyond this any additional support in the upkeep of your website without this plan will be charged at an hourly rate. Alternatively you can manage all of this at your own accord however we do not recommend this.
When we use the term maintenance we refer to any updates or additions/removals of content across the entirety of your website. This can be from site wide updates to the CMS and all plugins or simply adding/removing relevant content from existing pages.