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Our servers have an outstanding uptime of 99.9%. Security is vital to us, servers are regularly updated for maximum protection.


Our web hosting is fully managed by us for you. We take the stress away from you so you can focus on the important things.

Fast Setup

We aim to get you online as swiftly as possible. The speed of getting you online is entirely dependent on the size of your website.


Our servers are lightning fast, we average a response time of 20 milliseconds. You'll see your pages loading quicker than you can blink.

What We Offer

A place for your brand to grow. We can host you. - Charged monthly or anually the choice is yours. Prices vary and discounts are available.


  • 99.9% Server uptime rate
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Daily backups
  • Daily monitoring
  • 2 free months

A Dive Into Web Hosting

Providing you with the information so you can make your own choices.

Web Hosting

Web hosting allows your website to be accessed online. The service consists of two parts, hosting and a domain name. Hosting is where your website's files are located. Information such as web pages and images are located here. A domain name is an address that points a visitor to the server.
Yes, web hosting is vital to all websites. Web hosting enables your website to be accessible via the world wide web.
Yes, it is possible to transfer any exisiting website onto our system. We utilise a content management system called ‘WordPress’ that makes the process seamless.
Our servers are overwhelmingly reliable. With an uptime of 99.9% and an average response time of 20 milliseconds, we guarantee reliability.
If you solely purchase a web hosting package a domain name is not included. We do offer low rate domain name purchases or alternatively they are available for free in a variety of our other packages.